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Petals & Flowers

Welcome to Future Herbs

Future Herbs For Export and Import is a newly established company in 2009 aiming to build a good reputation in the field of exporting all kinds of organic and non-organic Egyptian dried seeds, herbs,spices.


Future Herbs are one of the few companies that have experience and efficiency in organic agriculture.
Organic agriculture is an agricultural system that relies on the use of natural biological materials in agriculture instead of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and control materials harmful to public health.
Organic agriculture is also a process controlled and certified by authorities ranging from production to consumption. Where the production system promotes soil health, ecosystems and people. Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science in favor of a common environment, promoting fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved.
In the end, herbs and seeds are free of pesticide and harmful substances and are taken to our own factories, and are equipped with the best quality to be identical with European countries.

Strategy Future Herbs For Export & Import

We are cultivating our herbs and stored in the surrounding areas in the province of Fayoum in Egypt. We also follow the payment immediately provide farmers strategy after receiving the crops so that farmers may grow herbs consistently high quality.